Sanin Company buys, sorts and recycles waste from plastic and polyethylene.

Containers, film and other waste that as usually are at sanitary fill in city and towns are namely that plastic and polyethylene waste that don’t ever degrade.

Secondary use of waste from plastic and polyethylene considerably lower pollution of the environment. Furthermore, waste recycling allows producing secondary materials with high quality and low price.
Our company will be glad for long-term collaboration with enterprises and companies who can sell plastic and polyethylene waste to us.  We are ready to offer very competitive prices. We offer to make use of our services of waste utilization from plastic and polyethylene and get even a payment!

We are ready to pay the following money:
  1. 1st category waste – 5 lei/kg
 (clean, without colour, that does not need partition)
  1. 2nd category waste  – 4,5 lei/kg
 (clean, from trade unit package, shrinkable films, with color)
  1. 3rd category waste – 3 lei/kg
(waste of stretch films, that is needed of partition)
  1. 4th category waste – 3,5 lei/kg
(waste from retail chain that is needed of partition)
  1. 5th category waste – 9,0 lei/kg
(clean plastic bag, containers, and other waste)
  1. 6th category category – 2 lei/kg
 (polyethylene foam)

We do not accept for recycling:

Receiving point:
factory SANIN, Durlesti city, Tudor Vladimirescu Street 70, Chisinau RM
Contact person:
Valentina Vladimirovna, mob.: +373 68 155 593


Our clients

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