Shrinkable films

As of today the shrinkable film is one of the most often used product for group-packing of the goods:

The SANIN company produces shrinkable films for more than 11 years. We constantly keep an eye on the market development in the Republic of Moldova and abroad. Our last designs in this domain are multilayered shrinkable films, with application of flexography. Our shrinkable films are issued in the forms of: linen/cloth, semitubes, tubes, folded tubes, palleted bags of all sizes with the necessary shrinkage parameters, which have the property to shrink lenghtwise and transversal. The film is released in rolls, which are spooled on cardboard or plastic bobbins. Each batch/party is tested on a special equipment and is accompanied by a document certifying its quality.


Parameters of produced films can be addapted according to the client’s requirements.

Film type Width, mm Thickness, µm
Linen/cloth From 370 to 6000 From 60 to 80
Folded tube From 2100 to 2500 From 140 to 200

Innovative design of the company’s specialists – shrinkable film Cristal.

The technology of multilayered structure Cristal-film raises with 15-20 % its strenght properties. This allows to reduce the thickness and respectively to reduce the weight at absolute preservation of all running abilities. The economy of financial assets on each kg of production is obvious.
Watch a reel on the film.


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