Manufacturers of dairy products are interested in a qualitative packing, which meets all the modern cases by production of foodstuffs. Experts of the SANIN TRADE company have developed a special technology for production of three-layered polyethylene films. SANIN  Dairy films meets the following characteristics: antiseptic properties, high flat surface accuracy, permeability barrier, minimal gage interference, high quality, with necessary sliding properties. Each of the three layers of the dairy film has a special purpose. The external white layer of the dairy film gives an attractive appearanceto the packing by emphasizing the intensity of the colour gamma. The middle layer – metallized – creates a barrier for penetration of ultra-violet beams inside the packing and reduces their negative influence on dairy products, allowing to prolong their period of storage. The inside layer of the dairy film, which gets in contact with the milk, is transparent, executed from pure, chemically neutral polyethylene. All SANIN TRADE production is intended for packing the dairy products, is confirmed by the special certificates, which permit its usage in the food industry.

SANIN TRADE offers 3 kinds of dairy films:

Film type Purpose Thickness
White 300, 320 мм 80, 85, мkm

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